Diablo2 Resurrected

Diablo2 Resurrected Auto Hunting Pixel Autobot (D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot)

(Warning) Any disadvantages arising from the use of this program are at their own risk.

I accidentally discovered the existence of bots while wandering the internet. It is not a bot that spreads through the dark path, but a bot that has been proudly uploaded to GitHub, so I will share how to use it.

In my personal opinion, it doesn't look too dangerous because it's a manual-like manipulation method using image analysis. If you check the actual source, it doesn't contain any libraries that could be recognized as malicious code.

If you are anxious, we recommend that you do not even touch it.

Install Miniconda

For those who do not need this explanation, I will assume that you are familiar enough with how to use anaconda.

Miniconda – Conda documentation

Just download the installation file for your operating system. Diablo 2 Resurrection players are expected to use Windows 64-bit most of the time.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

It is recommended to add the path as an environment variable for easier building later.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Bot download

This is the currently uploaded BOTTY Github URL.

GitHub – aeon0/botty: D2R Pixel Bot

I don't know how long it will be shared, but for now, it seems that sharing is taking place without any restrictions.

the producerFor informational or educational purposesIt is stated that it is provided only as

If you know it well, you can install it using the clone function of git, or if you don't know, just download it using the Download ZIP.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

The following files are included. Unzip it to a suitable path.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Running in Visual Studio Code

If you do not have Visual Studio Code, please install it first.

Visual Studio Code - Code Editing. Redefined

Run VS Code File > Open Folder…at Choose the unzipped pathdo.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Success if you see something like this on the left:

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Terminal > New TerminalthroughPowerShell or Command PromptRun .

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Success is when a terminal window opens as follows at the bottom.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Install Python Compilation Environment

Type .\run.batThe following menu will appear. If the library is updated later, you can also update it by selecting menu number 2.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Libraries required to compile the bot code are automatically downloaded and installed. If you do not see a screen like this, please check the path setting of conda.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

I checked and it also installs Tesseract, which is an open source OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Custom.ini file settings

You can create a custom.ini file directly in the config folder and write it like this: It takes precedence over the param.ini file.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Since the param.ini file can be changed whenever a new version is released, it is recommended to set your own settings separately in the custom.ini file.

(Add content) After compiling, it is automatically created in the botty_v0.6.7-dev/config folder. You can modify it in the same way.

Run the bot

Even if you do not compile, if you select menu 4, it will be executed in debug mode immediately. In this case, you are running the Python code, not the exe file.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

When executed, the following menu is displayed. Let's press f11 to launch the bot.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Detailed descriptions of other menus are omitted.

When the bot is running, it takes a log and you can see that it is running fine.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Tried playing as an offline character. This is a method that analyzes the image while taking a snapshot of the window where Diablo is running.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

OCR, of course, seems to have applied several machine learning techniques as it finds objects with probability.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Compile and run Python code

If you want to compile as a Windows executable file (exe), select No. 3 from the menu.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

It takes some time to start compiling, but it is successful when the following message is displayed at the end.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

The capacity of the exe executable created in the botty_v0.6.7-dev folder as a result of compilation is quite large, but there is no doubt about it. So many libraries are all in one file.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

If you run the main.exe file in the botty_v0.6.7-dev folder, it works the same.

If it doesn't go well

If the installation does not work well, I tried to collect the measures taken. Actions may vary depending on the bot program version.

Install pyinstaller

When I compile, I get an error if pyinstaller does not exist. This is a library that creates an exe executable file. It should have been installed automatically when installing the compilation environment.

You can install it using the following command.

pip install pyinstaller

Modify the environment.yml file

In my case, the first bot execution failed. So, I deleted the following part from the environment.yml file, removed the C:\Users\user account\miniconda3\envs\botty folder, and ran Install Env 1 again, and it worked normally.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Change game options

It is said to work only when the resolution is set to 1280×720 in windowed mode. When you run the bot, it seems to configure itself and restart it. And for image character recognition, it is mandatory to set the English version.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

Executable file provided

For those who want to use it more complete by modifying their own code, I introduced a method of compiling directly, but if all of these are difficult, download the executable file and run it.

Releases · aeon0/botty

Just download the file in Assets.

D2R BOTTY Pixel Bot

I haven't done much, so if you have any questions, please contact the creator's github.

And again, problems may occur when using online, so please use it for educational purposes or just for fun offline.

There are still some clumsy issues, but we look forward to continuing development.

thank you

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There were people who sold this for a fee, but it was a program that was distributed for free.

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