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How to get nintendo switch emulator yuzu latest version and prod.keys file

This time, I would like to introduce the Nintendo Switch Emulator. They usually recommend yuzu emulators.

Download and install yuzu emulator

It can be downloaded from the following site.

yuzu – Nintendo Switch Emulator

When you access the site and click the Download button, you will be directed to the download page.

If you look at the bottom, we recommend the version suitable for each operating system. I am a Windows 10 64-bit version, so I will download it by clicking the Download for Windows x64 button.

If there is no other purpose, leave the default value and click the Install button. For reference, to install the yuzu Early Access version, it seems that you need to sponsor. I'll pass right away.

When the installation is completed normally, the following screen appears. Click the Exit button to exit.

The following icons are created on the desktop. Let's run it once.

Resolving Encryption keys are missing error

When you run it for the first time, you will get the following error:

Please refer to the following solution video. Visit the YouTube site and click the More button to get the keys file.

If applied normally, you can see that the error notification disappears.

How to set language

Emulation > Configure… Select the menu.

In the General > UI tab, select the value of the Interface language item as Korean and click the OK button.

The emulator switched to Korean as follows:

Play the game

Let's double-click to add the folder with the game rom files.

Let's add an Animal Crossing folder.

Well added to the main list as follows:

The game runs fine too.

Have fun everyone haha

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