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Nintendo DS recommended emulator melonDS Android latest version

This time, we would like to learn how to install the Android version of melonDS, one of the Nintendo DS emulators running on smartphones.

The paid DraStic emulator was once said to be the best, but with the recent discontinuation of updates, melonDS is being talked about as a new alternative. I haven't tried it, but melonDS may be a better choice because it supports multiplayer.

Download apk file

The emulator installation file can be obtained from the following github site.

Releases rafaelvcaetano/melonDS-android

If you connect from a smartphone, there will be Beta 1.7.0 version as follows.

If you scroll down a little, there is an apk file and you can download it.

A notification that it may be a harmful file may appear, but it is a warning that appears because it is not received through the Play Store, so ignore it and download it. If it is downloaded as follows, it is normal.

Install apk file

When we're done, let's open the file. I am using the Chrome browser on a Xiaomi phone, but it may be a little different for each phone model and browser.

If you are installing the apk file downloaded from the web for the first time, it will show that you cannot install it, so let's go to the settings menu and change the settings.

Change the Allow installation of apps from this source switch to ON.

We warn you strongly that installing apk files from the web can be dangerous in general. Even later, if the source is really unknown and is a suspicious apk file, please do not install it. Your phone may be hacked.

This emulator file seems safe, so I'll allow it.

Installation is now possible. Please note that the message appears differently because I have already installed it once.

Run emulator and set rom folder location

When I run the installed app, nothing comes up at first like this: Click More in the upper right corner and select the Settings menu.

Select the ROMs menu.

Select the Search directory menu.

In the folder location where the nds rom file is located, select the Use this folder button. I will not explain how to move the ROM file to the smartphone.

Fortress seems to have enhanced security, so you need to grant permissions for each folder. Click the Allow button.

You can check that the ROM files have been added well as follows.

Running the game

Let's run the Mario 64 DS game.

You can see that the top and bottom screens come out well as follows.

Have fun 🙂

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