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Jigsaw Puzzle 2000 Piece Tips and Reviews (Sunflower Field Picture)

Not long ago, my mother wanted to hang a painting of sunflowers at home and asked me to buy one, so I did a search and found it was too expensive. I didn't give up and kept looking, and I happened to find a picture puzzle, and the price was cheaper than I thought.

I made an offer to my mother. Wouldn't it be more meaningful to buy a puzzle and put it together than to just buy a picture and hang it? It was a positive response, whether her mother thought she was right. However, the size my mother wanted was a whopping 2000-piece puzzle that was over 1 meter wide.

This was the beginning of the mistake. Solving a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle on your own... those who haven't done it won't know. When I asked my father and mother to do some matching together, they said they couldn't match any of them. In the end, I ended up writing alone and living alone. Sunflowers of the same shape, the sky and clouds without any pattern... ha...

There were days I didn't even touch it at all, and one of my family members accidentally hit something that was pretty well set and threw it away. It seems to be about 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase.

It's not fun to just write a review, so I'm going to tell you a few of my own strategies. I haven't been able to find anything, and there may be better ways, but I'm just going to introduce a few because the methods I've come up with don't seem too bad.

Your own strategy

At first, it may be more rewarding to challenge yourself with your own ideas without consulting others' advice. I hope that only those who can't see the answer will take a look.

Find the puzzle piece with one side plain

If one side is private, it means the outermost puzzle. This is actually a method that has already been mentioned as a tip from the beginning. Well, even if I hadn't seen the method beforehand, I think I would have started like this. In that way, I made the frame of the puzzle by aligning it with the outermost edge. In the same sense, if the two sides are plain, it can be assumed that the puzzle is located in four corners.

Find patterns that are easy to recognize

It's natural. Although they all look similar, there are patterns that are easily recognizable. From that point on, I attacked and went along one by one. If you do that, you will start to see puzzles that are surprisingly easy to fit in connection with the parts you have matched. In the beginning, there are a lot of puzzles left and there are a lot of areas to solve, so it's going to be slow.

Giving meaning to engraving patterns

If you look at the pattern, it's just a piece that doesn't mean anything, but you're just forcing yourself to think of something special. For example, if you create your own story and give it meaning, such as thinking that it resembles the shape of a dog's eyes, nose, or mouth, or thinking it is a logo of a specific organization, its location may be found faster.

Colors of the same series are roughly divided into groups

When you look at the sky or clouds, you can't help but feel mentally challenged at first. They are all the same color and there are no patterns, so even the smallest clue is hard to tell. However, if you look closely, you can see that even the sky that was thought to be the same color is slightly different in each area. By classifying the colors of such subtle differences, you can greatly reduce the time you spend in areas where there is no clue and you have no choice but to match and match puzzles one by one.

Separate puzzle pieces of unusual shapes

If you look at the puzzle pieces, there are puzzles that have a unique shape that sets them apart from other puzzle pieces at a glance. Putting those puzzles together can be quite useful because you can respond right away in the middle where the piece is bound to fit.

Find a location by making chunks of pieces

In the second half, there are times when it's easier to put the pieces together and find a place to put the chunks together rather than putting the puzzle together on the main board. This is especially useful for plain skies with few clues.

We managed to overcome the crisis by creating our own strategy. There must be a better way, but even though this is my first attempt, I will be satisfied that I completed it in my own way in a short amount of time without looking for it at all.

Short review

It was hard, but it was a meaningful time... The words were nonsense, and in the middle, I felt strange about what I was doing, and I felt that my boring life was becoming more exhausting. I don't think I'll ever do it again. If you are reading this and have any thoughts that I should try, please think again.

P.S. They say it's fun to do with a group of people. I have never felt that pleasure. If you really want to do it, we recommend that you do it with 2 or more people.

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