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Latest web browser available for Windows XP

Internet Explorer and the last version of Chrome supported by Windows XP cannot access Tistory blogs or other websites with the latest web features.

ie the browser doesn't display the page at all like this:

I didn't really have a reason to connect, but out of curiosity, I wanted to find a way to connect. Then I found the answer in an unexpected place. I don't usually use the Firefox browser, so I wasn't very interested. Just in case, I looked for several browsers and installed the last version of Firefox supported by XP, and this worked.

It's not perfect, but I think it's great that it's expressed like this.

The last version that can be installed is Firefox ESR 52.9.0 32-bit version. It can be downloaded from the following link.

You can download the 32-bit version.

To be honest, I didn't really think much about Firefox, but somehow it was cool. I also wondered if it was possible because it was open source. Anyway, it was an opportunity to see the Firefox browser again.

Hope this information is useful to some 🙂

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